How to use Airtel free Internet Service 2013-2014 Facebook Messenger

Good news for Airtel India Mobile Network users that they will access to free Internet from Today to 31st Jan 2014 and use facebook messenger free from your mobile without spending a Single penny. We here will tell you the simple way to Use this Free Airtel Internet service from your Mobile.

Although they have provided fairly low mobile data to use and is only 30 Mb but this is not a bad deal to use free Internet service on your mobile phone.

You just need to read this article online carefully. All you have to do is to follow the instructions and we are sure that you will enjoy this festive season with a great discount and feelings. We hope that you will get maximum discount here too.

How to use Airtel free Internet Service 2013-2014 Facebook Messenger-

All you have to do is use Facebook messenger app by Officials facebook. You can get access of this app by following way-

1. Click on this Given link- Free Airtel Mobile Internet

2. Click on get the app

3. Fill your mobile Number and use the Internet service provided.


Use this link- Facebook Messenger 

Get the app and enjoy the free Internet

Comment below must and tell if it worked for you or not.

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We are happy to assist you.

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